Hey girl, Happy Valentine’s Day.


Inspired by the immortal meme featuring Ryan Gosling, here is an homage to the pick up line and all things Glendon-related.

Leave your best pick-up lines in the comments!

Hey Girl 124 copy

(the 124 is a bus, btw).

Hey Girl abnormal psych copy

Hey Girl all class copy

Hey Girl francais copy

Hey Girl bilingual copy

Hey Girl COE copy

Hey Girl fair trade copy

Hey Girl history copy


(Thanks for this line, Laura!)

Hey Girl tablettes de chocolat copy

rock hard abs copy

Thanks for the photos, men. Among these faces, we have two eAmbassadors. Check out Juan’s blog or Nick’s blog.

Also, if you want to feel more campus love, check out my Valentine’s Day post from last year. I think you’ll like it.




Everyone needs some lovin’ on Valentine’s Day and Glendon is no exception. To celebrate Valentine’s day and our humble campus, I’ve made some Glendon-themed valentine cards. Just a warning: If you don’t like puns, you should really just leave.

(By the way, I took this picture less than 2 weeks ago. Spring is coming!)
(In case you’re unawares, our mascot is Richard Coeur de Lion.)

Taken or single, I hope you that you have good food and good company today. More importantly, I hope that you realize how worthy of love you are (even if no one is around to give it right now). Happy Valentine’s Day.