Hey girl, Happy Valentine’s Day.


Inspired by the immortal meme featuring Ryan Gosling, here is an homage to the pick up line and all things Glendon-related.

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Hey Girl 124 copy

(the 124 is a bus, btw).

Hey Girl abnormal psych copy

Hey Girl all class copy

Hey Girl francais copy

Hey Girl bilingual copy

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Hey Girl fair trade copy

Hey Girl history copy


(Thanks for this line, Laura!)

Hey Girl tablettes de chocolat copy

rock hard abs copy

Thanks for the photos, men. Among these faces, we have two eAmbassadors. Check out Juan’s blog or Nick’s blog.

Also, if you want to feel more campus love, check out my Valentine’s Day post from last year. I think you’ll like it.


Extraodinaires: students who work part-time


Until I was in university, I never had a job during the school year. Last year I got hired at my first part-time job (this one!) and I’ve realized how working during school is an awesome advantage.

Working and studying at the same time…

1. prepares you for the workplace

2. pays you for (hopefully) doing something you enjoy

3. gives you perspective on what you’re learning in class

Many of my friends have a part-time jobs and like me, a lot of them work right on campus.

Some of my friends who work on campus

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of my friends and their part-time jobs. Full disclosure: I’ve only asked people who like their jobs!

Michelle helpdesk

Michelle, Helpdesk Technician

“I help students with their Passport York accounts, email addresses, and Moodle, first and foremost. I also sometimes install computers for staff and faculty, troubleshoot weird technical things and feel like a superhero if/when I fix them, and set up the A/V for campus events. The people who work here are awesome and I’ve made some great friends. I’ve also gotten to learn a ton about super practical computer things and I’ve gotten to know a lot of faculty and staff through my job.

Having a job during school pulls in some extra cash that students so desperately need, as well as helping you practice time management and all that fun stuff. Working on campus is a great experience, especially if you’re a new student, since you get to meet so many people.”


Sienna, Student Researcher

“I research human-bonobo communication by analyzing and transcribing audio and video files from the Iowa Primate Learning Sanctuary (IPLS).

The things I’ve learned from my research have really humbled me as a human being. The similarities between humans and animals like bonobo apes just remind me how connected we are to the rest of the world – and it’s also really amazing to see a bonobo playing Pac Man with more success than I ever could!”

Juan Garrido

Juan, Office Ambassador and eAmbassador

“I work as an office ambassador with Student Recruitment. This means that in addition to being an eAmbassador I sit at the front desk of the Welcome Centre, answer emails and phone calls and help the Liaison staff with their projects. It’s awesome because I get to work with some amazing people and I get the chance to really help future students ease the bridge to university!”


Ana, Receptionist at the Glendon Athletic Centre

“I’m a receptionist at the Glendon Athletic Club. I’m responsible for greeting members, handing them their towels, washing and folding towels, answering phone calls, renting/selling gym equipment, and signing in instructors and personal trainers. My job is awesome because I get to interact just enough with students from Glendon and people from the community, but not to the point of getting people-fatigued. Working at a gym also keeps you motivated and eager to get/keep in shape! Plus, I can now fold in my sleep!”


Sarah, Academic Services help desk

I work at the front desk of Academic Services. I greet students as they approach the counter, and try to answer any questions they may have about academics (classes, credits, graduation, degree requirements, the Explore program, the pass/fail option and petitions).

My job is awesome for a couple reasons:

  • My colleagues are AMAZING! I am so fortunate to work with a fun group of people who are knowledgeable and caring.
  • I get to use both English and French. I love that my job challenges me in this way and allows be to practically apply my language skills.
  • The job has lovely hours, the office is open between 9-4, but closes for an hour between 12:30 and 1:30pm, so I never work past 4pm. Plus our office is closed during the weekend.

More questions?

If you have more questions about any of these jobs, leave a comment and I will pass it on to the right person. Glendon Tip: once you get to campus, don’t forget to check out Counselling and Disability Services for career counselling and more.

And a big thank you to all of my friends who told us about their jobs! Y’all are the best!

A sneak peek into Glendon’s glass wing [a scrapbook entry]


Gilles Fortin is the Executive Officer of Glendon College. While I’m not fully sure what that means, I do know that he’s awesome, and he represents what I love about the administration at Glendon. He puts students first and is always warm and approachable.

Thanks to Gilles, I got to get a sneak peek of Glendon’s new construction project. (In case you don’t know, Glendon has been designated the Centre of Excellence for French-Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education by the government of Ontario. As a result, Glendon is offering new programs and courses and building new facilities.)

This new wing is on the cusp of being finished and will be partially opened this month. That means that soon Glendon students will have new spaces to study, relax, and learn.

Mr. Fortin has been working on the project for the past two years, but the idea for the expansion has been incubating in his mind for much longer. “I’ve been at Glendon since 1982 and I can tell you I’ve dreamt of this for a long time.”

The main floor has an open entrance area, a 250 seat amphitheatre (Glendon’s largest yet), and new classrooms. Soon, it will also have a Tim Hortons.

Psst! You can zoom into this picture by clicking on it!

The second floor has an overhanging balcony with access to the amphitheatre. According to Gilles, the front section of the bridge/balcony will be a perfect place for students to wait for their rides. As a commuter student, I have to say I’ll appreciate a shorter walk to the road and bus stop!

Although we weren’t able to go to the third floor, I was told that there will be three more classrooms there, as well as an outdoor terrace. In Gilles’ words, “it’s right above the trees, like a tree-house.”

The basement will have an open study space, an art studio, a locker area, and a math lecture room with an extra long blackboard. The rooms are cozy and carpeted. Gilles said, “if you give the students a good space, they’ll take care of it.”

The new wing is an innovative and welcome expansion that will transform the Glendon Campus into a diverse patchwork of old and new buildings. Yet there will also be some continuity between Glendon’s current buildings and the expansion as the architect was inspired by several features of York Hall, even taking notice of the patterns of the brickwork. Gilles said, “There’s a rhythm to the new building that reflects the old building.”

Are you excited? Wondering how you’ll be able to get a look for yourself? Glendon’s annual symposium will be held in this new space. You can register on the official Symposium website or check out their Facebook page for more info.

Hope to see you there!