Downtown in December


I’m only one assignment away from being off for winter break. All I can think is: I’m almost freeeeeee! A friend decided on my behalf that it was high time for me to take a break.

So, I took the day off on Tuesday to have some adventures downtown.

I started out with a meal at Fresh Restaurants with my friend Kaili.

My verdict: YUM.

Fresh Resto copy

Fresh is a vegetarian restaurant, but I would highly recommend it even for carnivores. I was overwhelmed by the number of good options on the menu.

I ordered a mango-banana-coconut milk smoothie with a creamy soup, slices of cornbread, and thai-seasoned salad. Best of all, the restaurant was located on Bloor, just a short ride from campus.

chai spiced sugar cookies

A photo for the recipe from My Baking Addiction. Click on it to find the recipe!

Afterwards, I baked with my friend Erin at her place. We made Chai Spiced Sugar Cookies and decided to skip dinner for desert instead.

That night, we journeyed to the Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District in downtown Toronto. (The Distillery District is a restored Victorian factory area in downtown Toronto with cute cobblestone streets and shoppes – not shops. Haha. Think Charles Dickens.)


There were lights…

Toronto Christmas Market

…and apple fritters

apple fritters Christmas market fritters

…and lots of whimsy.


By the end of the night our noses and toes were numb, but we were getting giddy with holiday spirit. Considering the lack of snow in Toronto this winter, I’d say that was quite a feat!

That being said, I haven’t even scratched the surface of fun things to do in Toronto. Often I think that I can only have adventures if I travel far, but at my doorstep lies a city of adventures waiting to happen. I love being intentional about becoming a tourist of my own city.

On that subject, if you know any fun winter activities to do downtown, drop a comment below.

If you’re interested in checking out the Toronto Christmas Market, it’s on ’till Sunday. I guarantee that the fritters and lights will bring joy to your heart.

Happy winter-ing!

Erin and I


Choice and a comic from Candy Chang


The other day I was thinking:

I’m twenty years old + that is a young age to be.

The world is my oyster.


I could have a baby.
I could backpack Europe.
I could study more to become a business consultant.
I could live as a nun and memorize scriptures for the rest of my life.

I’m at the crossroads of 100 different paths. Which do I take?

My friend Elissa Mielke blogged this Sylvia Plath quote the other day:


It helped me realize how choice is burdensome.

And then I realized:

I need to start making some choices.

Agh! (A full week of panic/despair/list-making follows.)

One of my friends, Erin, often teases me for trying to conquer the parts of life that can’t be conquered (i.e. relationships, self-growth, the future). You have to live it in the moment, she says. You can’t “finish it” or “achieve it” in one thrust.

I often look for happiness in arriving (at a state of perfect circumstance, or something). It doesn’t work. Life starts now, and that is a beautiful, liberating thing.

Candy Chang’s comic (shared here with permission) is about how not having to choose one thing is a good thing. Read it if what I said is resonating.






What choices are you struggling with? 

To read more about Candy, go visit her website. It’s rad.