Meet Emmy, a psych major [2 Sentences Series]


Emmy is a psychology major. She loves her program, her profs, and her campus. If you’re thinking about studying psychology as a major or a minor, read on to learn about her experience.

How would you describe psych majors?
Psych majors are crazy – like a fun crazy – and it gives the classes a really interesting atmosphere.

Why did you choose Glendon?
I really liked the idea of the iBA (International Bachelor of Arts) and I thought the campus was beautiful. I came from a really small town and Glendon helped that transition because of its size.

Why psych?
With psychology I find that I’m not only always learning about myself, I’m learning about other people. It’s great because you can apply it to yourself and others.

What’s your favourite course?
That’s a hard one… I really liked my psychobiology class. The man who teaches it practices in the field and he’s making really interesting discoveries about the human body being able to do more than we ever expected.

What’s your advice for first year psychology students?
[with no hesitation] “Do your readings. Most classes are discussion-based so you want to come prepared.

What are you planning for the future?
I’d really like to do clinical psychology or addictions counselling.

Thanks Emmy!

Some random facts about Glendon’s psychology program:

  • 8 psychology students and 2 professors are involved in a study about bonobo apes.

  • Psychology at Glendon is not the same thing as Psychology at Keele (FYI).
  • The profs in this department are ballin’ (i.e. have done some really cool research). Tim Moore has studied psychology in the courtroom and Guy Proulx has done award-winning research on aging and the brain.

Have more questions about Emmy, psychology at Glendon, or anything else? Ask away in the comments section below.

This post is part of the 2 Sentences Series. Every answer given by the interviewee must be 2 sentences or less. Read another interview with Dr. Jean Michel Montsion, an assistant professor in the International Studies Program.


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