Fall is a confetti toss.


Lately, I’ve been feeling contemplative.

It’s that point in October where things have become mundane, routine, stressful. Drudgery is setting in like the chill.

Yet, all around me there are small spectacles of colour and light: the quad at golden hour, the rustling branches of an oak tree, the muted sunrise of a cloudy day.

The hardest things to overlook are the trees. Their leaves are turning colour, transforming the campus into a sea of gold and rust.

I can’t help but marvel.

Even if just for a moment, I let the beauty spill through my senses, into my depths. I’m shaken out of my stupor.

My concerns fall away like dead leaves from branches and I remember that life is meant to be celebrated, and fall is the confetti toss.

Moments like these inevitably end, and I return back to the books. But when I do, it’s with a heightened awareness that my life isn’t a burden – it’s a gift.

I’m grateful.

In case you’re wondering, all of these photos were taken in and around Glendon Campus. For more musings about fall, check out Nick’s deeply contemplative (and funny post), Laura Stanley’s awesome post, Five Reasons Why I Love the Fall or my very first blog post. Fall really is the time for deep thoughts!

Before next week, go for a nature walk. The leaves are falling fast… you won’t regret it! 


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