Here I am again. In a chair, sitting on my butt, listening to a prof talk about something that I don’t fully understand.

It’s a new season in my life in many ways – I have a new major, I’m living in residence for the first time, and I’m a different person than who I was in the spring – but September has arrived like always, the steady chime signaling the arrival of a new academic year.

I don’t feel anxious. This was not the case in my first or second year. As a first-year, I struggled to adjust to university life altogether, whereas during my second year, I needed to adapt to a new environment after transferring to Glendon from another campus.

Thus, September has beckoned a few surprises, including the luxury of being familiar to something. Of knowing what’s coming next. Of having a routine. For the first time in 2 years, I am returning to something that I know well – student life at Glendon. The result is that I’m a lot less stressed than I have been in the past, but also that life is less of an adventure.

I’m not sure what to take away from all this, except a bit of comfort that the new things that phase us now can eventually be overcome to become the familiar. Our fear in the moment will not remain for a lifetime!

Dear first-years, if you are feeling lost in the newness of university right now, please assure yourselves that you can rise to meet all of the obstacles laid out before you. You will struggle, you will adjust, and you will carry on!

As you meet change, you will be changed. Before you realize, September will find you in 2013, yourself being a little wiser, more grown-up, and slightly more prepared to conquer what’s next.

Good luck with these next few weeks of ‘new’.


2 thoughts on “Returning.

  1. A lovely reflection!
    I especially loved the line: “As you meet change, you will be changed.” I think that’s true, everything we do, the people we meet and even what we choose not to do defines us and changes us. 🙂
    p.s. It’s only less of an adventure if you let it be, you can always challenge yourself to try new things in order to keep things exciting. 😀

    • I totally agree with your p.s., Sarah! Introducing those new things into our lives invites adventure as well. That’s something I’m thinking about right now as I’m planning the year ahead – how much do I want to take on my plate this year (maybe material for another blog post?)

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