I’m changing my university major. And it’s no big deal.

A politics student with an identity crisis.

I’ve spent the past two years trying to make myself a politics student. In first year, I studied international development and political science, and in my second year I transferred to the international studies program.

My grades were good, and as far as I could tell, if I continued on this path I might have become a diplomat or NGO worker or lawyer. Not bad, right? It was definitely an impressive answer for anyone who might ask what I was planning on doing with my life.

The problem.

I was studying something for the prestige. I also bought into the myth that you should “do what your good at.” Because I was good at my politics courses and continue to be. What was missing? Passion.

Another problem: the arts leviathan*.

When I was entering university, another reason why I chose politics courses was that I didn’t know what else to choose from. Anthropology, social science, humanities – what were all of those things,

I saw the arts as one ginormous monster. I couldn’t tell an arm apart from a leg (e.g. sociology from social science). I was choosing out of ignorance.

What is a leviathan? A big, scary monster. FYI.

Being humble enough to divert when you’re on the wrong path.

So here I am, at the end of my second year, realizing that I’ve spent the past two years studying a subject I have no intention to go further with. Disaster? Absolutely not!

Trying different things has allowed me to close different doors from experience (no, Esther, don’t try to study that, or that, or that…). For me this is a BIG DEAL. At the beginning of university, I was equally interested in everything, which was a big problem at course selection time.

I also have enough time left to earn a general arts degree in a subject that really interests me within two more years of study.

Finding the right course

When it comes down to it, your major will not direct your entire life course. However, it is probably better to study something more (rather than less) relevant to the career that you will have in the future.

But. Remember that no education is wasted. My first two years of university taught me a lot, and likewise, the mistakes you make in university will teach you loads as well – that is, if you let them.