Bro, this is the way it is. (#examlife)

The best sideways look, ever.
I wrote this when I was working on an essay really late at night at the library. I was very, very fed up, but it got me thinking about why I was there in the first place (in school, that is). 

School isn’t glamorous. 
It’s working late nights at the library.
It’s juggling all of the things that you have to do with the things you want to do.
It’s making sacrifices.
It’s feeling stressed out sometimes.
It’s building certain skills from the ground up.

School is worth it.
It’s working for something that matters.
It’s creating work worthy of attention.
It’s finding your passion.
It’s about meeting people who ask hard question and try to find better answers.
It’s facing challenges and emerging a changed person.

Why do you think school is worth it?

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