A sneak peek into Glendon’s glass wing [a scrapbook entry]


Gilles Fortin is the Executive Officer of Glendon College. While I’m not fully sure what that means, I do know that he’s awesome, and he represents what I love about the administration at Glendon. He puts students first and is always warm and approachable.

Thanks to Gilles, I got to get a sneak peek of Glendon’s new construction project. (In case you don’t know, Glendon has been designated the Centre of Excellence for French-Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education by the government of Ontario. As a result, Glendon is offering new programs and courses and building new facilities.)

This new wing is on the cusp of being finished and will be partially opened this month. That means that soon Glendon students will have new spaces to study, relax, and learn.

Mr. Fortin has been working on the project for the past two years, but the idea for the expansion has been incubating in his mind for much longer. “I’ve been at Glendon since 1982 and I can tell you I’ve dreamt of this for a long time.”

The main floor has an open entrance area, a 250 seat amphitheatre (Glendon’s largest yet), and new classrooms. Soon, it will also have a Tim Hortons.

Psst! You can zoom into this picture by clicking on it!

The second floor has an overhanging balcony with access to the amphitheatre. According to Gilles, the front section of the bridge/balcony will be a perfect place for students to wait for their rides. As a commuter student, I have to say I’ll appreciate a shorter walk to the road and bus stop!

Although we weren’t able to go to the third floor, I was told that there will be three more classrooms there, as well as an outdoor terrace. In Gilles’ words, “it’s right above the trees, like a tree-house.”

The basement will have an open study space, an art studio, a locker area, and a math lecture room with an extra long blackboard. The rooms are cozy and carpeted. Gilles said, “if you give the students a good space, they’ll take care of it.”

The new wing is an innovative and welcome expansion that will transform the Glendon Campus into a diverse patchwork of old and new buildings. Yet there will also be some continuity between Glendon’s current buildings and the expansion as the architect was inspired by several features of York Hall, even taking notice of the patterns of the brickwork. Gilles said, “There’s a rhythm to the new building that reflects the old building.”

Are you excited? Wondering how you’ll be able to get a look for yourself? Glendon’s annual symposium will be held in this new space. You can register on the official Symposium website or check out their Facebook page for more info.

Hope to see you there!


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