Glendon is like poutine.


I spent this week in Montréal in search of the best-tasting poutine in Quebec. I didn’t want some Anglophone knock-off; I wanted a revelation of the real thing.

People tried to tell me that the poutine at La Banquise was good, but no description could convey the full glory of the steaming mound of gravy-covered madness that arrived on my plate this past Thursday. I ordered “the T-Rex” – a small mountain of fries covered with gravy, cheese curds, beef steak, bacon, and two kinds of sausage.

That’s when I realized that Glendon is like poutine. You have to try the real thing to know the real thing.

Expérience Glendon is fast approaching, and it’s a great way to experiment with Glendon for a day. Walk around the buildings, feel the ambience, and figure out if you could imagine yourself living life here. There will be workshops, campus tours, open doors to all of our best nooks and crannies (including Lunik)! You’ll also get to connect with other people (students, professors, program directors), and get a taste of the Glendon spirit as well.You can click on the picture below to register, or watch this short little video to hear Sarah’s take on the event (and our latest pub night too).

Come! I’d love to see you there.