Don’t wait.


I was listening to Louie Giglio speak a few weeks ago, and he made a really interesting point.

As a student, adults are always getting us into thinking about the next thing.
First it’s, “What school are you going to?”
and then it’s, “What (resume-building-self-exploring-impressive-type) activity are you going to do during the summer?”
‘Till finally people start asking, “What’s your plan for retirement?”

It’s not that planning forward is a bad thing; the real problem is that continually worrying/waiting/thinking about the future steals us away from experiencing the present.

There will always be a “next thing.” But what about now?

This question has been weighing on me more and more heavily, especially . . .

1. As I have thought more often “Yeesh. I have been thinking about song-writing for-EVER. When am I finally going to do that?”
2. As I heard a woman talk about her work in Cambodia. She has been living there for the last four years armed with the purpose of fighting child prostitution. In spite of all that she does, every week a girl in her care is sold by her parents to sex traffickers. Every week.
In my life these two different things represent the same thing: putting things off that I know could be doing something about right now.

It’s a little bit late for New Years’ resolutions, but what the heck.

I resolve…

1. To startsongwriting regularly (at least a song every other month).
2. To tangibly help the poor and oppressed in my global community in 2012.

What have you resolved to do this year? What’s on your heart?


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