Lessons Learned Part 3: look forward

Figuring out who you are is hard work.

I’ve always thought that I would “arrive” at some point. Where? At adulthood. At happiness. At completeness.

It has turned out that life is less about waiting for any of these things, and more about fighting for them in the present.

Finding out who you are seems to be just as challenging as wrestling an angry water buffalo in a large, muddy puddle. In my own experience, it has required:
– failure
– embarrassment
– pondering the worst parts of my character and my past

University has provided ample opportunity for all of the above, because it has pushed me academically, tested the strength of my will, and stressed my emotions.

Yet, every challenge has been an opportunity to grow: into adulthood, into happiness, into completeness.

Here’s a reminder for you and for myself. When discouragement begins to weigh heavily in the midst of struggles, don’t dwell in the past.

Look forward.


End note:

I was hasty in writing that “Lessons Learned” would last “a week or so.” Although I had every intention of writing it in that span of time, I had a lot more to write about than I thought I would, and it took a lot more out of me than I anticipated. In spite of my tardiness, thanks for sticking around.

And I still want to know. What lessons have you learned this semester/year/day?

Hope you’re having a swell break.


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