It is finished. (Boo-yah!)


She emerged from the room, hair bedraggled, nails long and yellow, coffee stains on her dress. “Who on earth are you?!” they shrieked. She turned her head and hissed “Essstherr afterrr exam weeek!”
(a typical scene following past exam periods; specifically those of spring 2007, winter 2008 & 2010)
As you might guess, exam periods have hit me pretty hard in the past. In first year, especially, I was incredibly nervous about all of my examinations because I fell behind in my readings at the very beginning of the year.
This year I lucked out because exams weren’t bad at all. I only had one panic attack (sort of), I slept for 8 hours every night (there’s no point in cramming late at night for my brain, anyways), and I think that I did pretty well on most of them. The overall lack of misery this year was probably due to the fact that I actually kept up in most of my courses throughoutthe semester, so by the time exams rolled around, I was actually ready to be tested (Hah! Take that, procrastination!).
It’s hard to believe that a semester of my new school life at Glendon has already passed because it’s so easy to let time go by without realizing it. From time to time though, I have this hankering to uncover what time has taught me. Otherwise, I feel like I’m letting all of my experiences go to waste. Life has a funny way of repeating itself, and I don’t want to have to learn the same hard lesson twice (e.g. worrying is pointless, procrastinating = pain in the long run, dairy does not cooperate with my digestive system). It’s actually the same kind of principle I apply to school: prepare yourself now so that you’ll stand when you’re tested later.
Seeing as the semester is over, I’ve decided to release 3 mini-posts about the “life lessons” that I’ve learned. I’ll be posting one every few days for the next week or so. My hope is that you’ll start to think about what it is that you’ve been learning in your own journey.
By the way, I’d really love to learn from your experiences, so feel free to share them with me as the series unfolds.
Thanks for reading,


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